What is the new policy on China with respect to 10 CFR Part 810?

For more information on current U.S. government policy on nuclear technology transfer to china click here.

What is the purposed of the various roles and who should have them?

e810 has three possible roles for users within the exporter community:

  1. Exporter Manager (EM) - this role is for persons who should be able to access anything going on for the exporter. The role also allows for managing what team members are active within the account and what privileges each individual user has. 

  2. Exporter Coordinator (EC) - This role is for persons who can see all foreign nationals and foreign entities and all team members, but who are not required to see every application, nor are EC's able to alter roles for other team members.

  3. Outside Counsel (OC) - this role is extremely limited to allow exporters to restrict the OC to seeing ONLY foreign entities and foreign nationals associated with applications on which they are team members. OCs cannot see other exporter members other than those on the application team.

These roles were created in e810 in response to exporter requests to limit access in these ways for

How do I file a GA report for individuals under 10 CFR Part 810 Section 6(a) and 6(b)?

The General Authorization for Deemed Export Report option can be used for either 10 CFR Part 810 Section 6(a) or 6(b). We do ask that you report each separately as there is some differences in how the information is assessed internally.

What is the purpose of this software?

This application allows exporters of nuclear technology to submit and track their requests and reports with DOE/NNSA. This is the first phase of several that will manage the workflow and expedite processing of the various kinds of activities performed.

Who should be using this site?

Anyone who may be exporting nuclear technology and their supporting consultants.

What should I do if the Foreign Entity doesn't have a company acronym?

First, ensure there is no acronym. If there is no commonly accepted acronym, use N/A.

How do I file Specific Authorization Reports for Authorizations not in this system.

At this time, continue to file those by e-mailing the report to At some point in the future the site will be updated with existing authorizations.

I need to voluntarily disclose activity that doesn't fit into a General Authorization Report, or a Specific Authorization Report. How do I do that?

For any disclosures that are NOT a normal reporting activity, send the information to

What if a Foreign National has citizenship in more than one country?

There is an option to select "Multiple" as the destination. If "Multiple" is selected, provide the countries involved in the free form space below.

Where can I get more information about 10 CFR Part 810

DOE/NNSA maintains a web page with guidance documents, FAQs, and other pertinent information. You can access that information by clicking here.

Would a generic company email be permissible for setting up a e810 account?

We do not recommend this approach to creating e810 accounts for users for several reasons. The exporter will lose clear line of sight to who has access to this account. Accountability for submissions becomes an issue. Password management can be problematic as well.

Instead, we recommend giving users that need to see or modify all submissions the role of Exporter Manager. This role sees all submissions and receives all e-mails from e810 relevant to their submission. 

This technique allows people to be removed from the system when they no longer need to access it, provides some accountability for who has submitted what, and allows each individual to manage their own password issues.