Part 810 of Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations (Part 810), implements Atomic Energy Act (AEA) § 57 b.(2), pursuant to which the Secretary of Energy has granted a general authorization for certain categories of activities which the Secretary has found to be non-inimical to the interest of the United States – including assistance or transfers of technology to the “generally authorized destinations” listed in Appendix A to Part 810. Other activities within the scope of Part 810 -- including transfers of technology or provision of assistance to destinations not listed in Appendix A (“specifically authorized” destinations) – require a case-by-case specific authorization from the Secretary. A specific authorization is also required for any assistance involving sensitive nuclear technologies (enrichment, reprocessing, plutonium fuel, and heavy water production), regardless of the destination’s status under the regulation. It is also the duty of the those applying for an authorization to clearly mark all information they consider proprietary and to submit a separate copy of all submissions redacted of all proprietary information.

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